Roles and Responsibilities for Coronado Rotaract Club Board of Directors 

The Board meets the first Tuesday of each month 7-8pm.

President – presides at all meetings of the club and the board of directors. The president, with the approval of the board, appoints all standing and special committees and fills vacancies in the board of directors by appointment until the next regular election of the club. The president is an ex officio member of all committees. The president maintains regular communication with the sponsor Rotary club(s), the district Rotaract representative, and Rotary International. 

 -This position requires attendance to Rotaract District meetings, which take place on the 4th Wednesday of every month 7-8pm in Old Town at the Rotary 5340 District office. If the president is unable to attend, they must find a representative to take their place.

-Requirement: 1 year on the board of Coronado Rotaract Club as president elect position

President Elect – succeeds the office of president in the event of the removal of the latter for whatever cause, and, in the absence of the president, presides at all meetings of the club and of the board.

-Must commit to being president of Coronado Rotaract Club the following year

-Expected to be at most events, help any board member with planning events and getting member involvement 

-Sends monthly newsletter with upcoming events and re-caps of previous events (new addition and different than re-cap business meeting minutes)

Secretary – maintains all club records, records minutes of all the meetings of the club and of the board, and provides copies of such to the sponsor Rotary club(s) upon request

-Send outs follow up emails with the meeting minutes, after events to the members of the club 

-Takes and tracks attendance for all events. If unable to attend any meeting or service event, is responsible for having another member take attendance

Treasurer – oversees all funds and provides an annual accounting of them. The treasurer shall make all disbursements under procedures determined by the board. The treasurer shall make all records available for inspection by any club member upon request. 

-Monthly reports, reimbursements, maintaining bank account, Venmo account, keeping track of dues

-Oversees the Fundraising Committee

Service Director– Oversees the planning and implementation of activities or service projects annually designed to create sustainable change that directly benefit the local communities, involving all or most of the club membership. 

-Establishes and oversees the Service Committee

-Works with the Rotarians who head certain service projects that Rotaract is involved with, such as Low Tide Ride and Stride, Beach Clean-Ups, Pancake Breakfast and other events they see fit for Rotaract involvement. 

-Responsible for getting club involvement for projects

Membership Director – Responsible for developing and sustaining membership

-Sending out new member packets, keeping track of application process, presenting new members their shirts, badges, certificates at business meetings. 

-Acts as liaison for the new members to introduce them to all the members and make them feel welcome in our club 

-Oversees Recruitment events

Professional Development Director– Oversees the development of comprehensive professional development programs for business meetings, designed to expand professional networks, allow members to exchange ideas with other leaders, and build skills through leadership training. 

-In charge of obtaining and corresponding with program speakers for business meetings. 

-Putting together networking events with other Rotaract clubs and our Rotary Club of Coronado

-Implementing a mentorship program with Rotary

-Organizes membership spotlight

Marketing and Social Director– Responsible for club marketing, promoting the club via website, facebook, instagram and any other form of social media and coordinating public relations.

-Planning and promoting social events

-Ice breaker activities for business meeting. 

Club Committee – (5 members)

-Not required to meet for board meetings and not officially on BODs

-Individuals who are committed to helping plan and attend Rotaract events but unable or uninterested in the board of director position responsibilities-Each member teams up with a board of director/committee to help plan upcoming events (service, membership/fundraising , professional development, marketing and social)